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With all the noise of the internet, you need a solution that will give you the edge above your competition both in the Marketing And Financial World. Congratulations….being there are over 7.63 Billion people in the World, You have found the only company on the planet to Powerhouse services with access to the most exclusive, bonded, and insured Financial and Marketing systems ever compiled together under one working umbrella.

Presenting Our Exclusive Marketing & Financial Services And Systems


You own the most VALUABLE piece of Real Estate on the Internet. It is a Virtual Billboard just waiting for your Promotional Video to be shared with the world.


A dream come true for those who can harness is power. Geo-Targeting on a Global Scale. Get 1000's of LIVE REAL human visits on a daily basis.


How fun to have your ads finding "Live Conversations" about YOUR services on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Magic Algorithms make this happen.


Take the BEST TV Service, Give AWAY 24 Trials to your customers, Brand Your Company Name and receive UNLIMITED MASSIVE monthly income.



Remove ALL negative entries on your Credit Report in 3 to 7 weeks! We do ALL of the heavy lifting for you, FAST results, Insured and Bonded.


If you thought you couldn't get a business loan think again, we have access to the worlds oldest supplier of Shelf Corps. Aged, legal and in good standing. 48 hours and it's in your hands.


The ONLY Place on EARTH where you can get a system that will BUILD your Business Credit that IS NOT linked to your SSN and do it in less than 90 days!


Get funding that is NOT linked to your SSN. Funding of over $250,000+ in less than 90 days! Our system will make this happen.

How It Works Is Simple

From our exclusive partnership that delivers lightning fast FICO score repair to our In-house Extreme Marketing services, we ensure you are covered correctly from the start, so you can qualify for the best: funding, rates, and setups as possible, that's geared to grow your business the right way.

We do that by getting your Personal Credit FICO cleaned up in less than 7 weeks...after that we assist you in attaining a Shelf Corporation from our exclusive partners that have been providing services in America for over 100 years, next we build your business up in less than 3 months, by using our Ironclad Business Credit System that been proven time and time again to get you over 250k+ in funding, and guess what...its NOT LINKED to your Social Security Number!

And Finally, we keep you in business by getting you access to Traffic Sources that are exclusive, impress and work, so that you can grow into that legacy of greatness in the shortest time possible. We take your current Facebook Business Page and give it a facelift with our coined "Facebook Mini-Lift™" for a professional makeover that will keep your visitors engaging on your page. Next, we bring your business traffic using four ingenious ways that were created to deliver unlimited amounts of income for your business. Using our exclusive platform of 'client-seeking' systems, we can guarantee your business more converted traffic then you have ever experienced before.

At RetailXtreme Marketing, We take the limits off you, so you're dream can flourish to perform on bigger and better platforms ...destined for your calling. Your playing small doesn't serve the world justice. There's no room for small thinking here, at RetailXtremeMarketing we take small and turn IT into a champion...the greatest of the greats….and we made it possible so that everyone can accomplish it no matter where you are in your business venture. Work ethic and grind is how one gets there.


Let us help YOU. Our future Champion.

Marketing Gone EXTREME

With our rare and exemplified marketing systems, we can take any business and turn your ordinary into Greatness


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  • RetailXtremeMarketing has been a Godsend, I needed traffic to my landing page and created an order and was overwhelmed as to how many people came to my site. I got 4 orders total from it which helped me out a lot. I'll be back for more. The website looks great Miss Bev, keep up the good work.
    Web Plus Point
  • Michael Jordan
    WOW this is the best money I have spent on building my businesses in a very long time. Top quality workmanship with tools which EVERY business NEEDS. The PRICE is RIGHT for the quality of service and for what I received!
    Michael Jordan
  • Adam Fowler
    Bev and her team were awesome. I always to go her for promotional videos because she can grasp the company's promo concepts and has a unique talent to composing the Adcopy so that one sentence reads in two...clever Bev...very clever. Thanks for rocking this video out and for the hook up with the traffic leads, great response and the landing pages were amazing!
    Adam Fowler
    CLP-Marketing and Consulting

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  • Over 3 Decades of Happy Clients And Were Going To Continue That Legacy100%

As a company that has the "Best of the Best" under one umbrella, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we only deliver the "Best of the Best" service out there. If you purchased one of our system, and are not satisfied, please reach out to us as we will ensure you are taken are of. PERIOD! All systems we use have their own guarantee backings. Please see each page for details.

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