By us feeling and experiencing the same lack of capital that our clients are feeling right now is what has inspired us to come together as a dynamic team to assist business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself to find a way to secure more working capital. Our approach is more creative and 'out-of-the-box' about marketing and financing.
We are open to sharing our knowledge to help you advance in business no matter where you are at in the stages.

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We welcome you to see how have changed and grown through the past decades. Lots of experience and time had done into ensuring your experience with us is one that will last well, past our own timeline of fun and success.

  • 1979

    Started With Humble Beginnings

    Abe started his Real Estate career in California in July of 1979. He's sold SFR, Commercial Skilled Nursing Facilities and business opportunities.

  • 1984

    Specialization Took Place in Many Facets Of Industries

    Abe then entered the Mortgage Banking and then quickly opened & operated his own Commercial Mortgage Brokerage company. 1994 he started specializing & selling Assisted Living, (SNF) Skilled Nursing Homes, Alzheimer's facilities, Adult Residential and Developmentally Disabled, Board & Care, Cannabis, Mentally Impaired In Home Detox & other Long Term Health Care related business & Facilities.

  • 2006

    Long Term Health Care Business Specialist Began

    Assist Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Operators to Purchase and expand their operations. Assist them to grow their company with online marketing biz & business lines of credit. We are here to guide operators on how best to transition slowly out of the industry by introducing the highest quality of buyer to them. We are now providing retrofitting for Seniors & Veterans to stay in their homes longer by providing a Non - Ambulatory Safe Home for their later years.

  • 2014

    We Brought On Our Newest Team Advisor - Beverly Gonzalez

    About this time we acquired a rare asset to the team as we merged 20 years of web design and marketing, both offline and online, bringing on Beverly Gonzalez to complete the missions statements as her experience allowed our small but powerful growing team to reach new avenues of networks that would allow all of our talents combined to work in a system that made sense for all.

  • 2016

    Medical Marijuana Joins The Groups Mission

    Medical Marijuana has been around forever, we see that it's here to stay! Be apart of a historic event. We are connecting buyers to one of the most natural products known to man. We use are hidden magic skills to connect buyers to the correct sellers and lenders for funding. We can show you how to raise the capital to enter this fast moving market! We have the connections to do it LEGAL and safe!

  • 2019

    RetailXtreme Marketing And Corporate Ready Funding Formed

    We begin to offer all of our services wrapped up in a beautiful business in a box as we set out to help our retail colleagues reach their fullest potential. Here we offer ways to take you from zero to hero in a system of steps that literally guarantees our clients funding and sets them up for life.


Beverly Gonzalez

Owner and Founder of RetailXtreme Marketing

Head of Innovation & Marketing

A former Wound Nurse and Hyperbarics Director, a Life and Health Insurance Agent, and master of online development with over 20 years of web design, marketing, and certified in business credit. I founded and built 5 online companies, an organization to help feed the hungry, and are Business Credit Certified. I am a nerd by trade and consider myself a software master and expert funnel creator. And are now sharing the good news to all in one place to help the world.

Abe Serrano

Owner and Founder of Corporate Ready Funding

Head of Innovation & Funding

Started my Real Estate career in California July of 1979. I've sold SFR, Commercial Skilled Nursing Facilities and business opportunities. I entered the Mortgage Banking then quickly open & operated my own Commercial Mortgage Brokerage company. And have been helping businesses small and large ever since then.