Remove ALL Negative Entries On Your Credit Report In
3 to 6 Weeks! 


Get Your LIFE BACK by getting your credit fixed and put yourself in a better leveraging position when applying for what you WANT,
instead of what you can GET


Your Personal Credit
FICO Fixed!


We use a proprietary and systematic approach to get FAST Results for our Clients. We do all of the heavy liftings for you and your only task will be to watch your Credit Scores climb as negative items are removed.

Check Out Below, The Top 6 Reasons
To Fix Your Score.


If You’re Planning On Buying A New Home

If you’re purchasing a new house or renting an apartment, you will have to pay a higher interest rate with a lower credit score. Arranging for a better credit score is a necessity before financing a new place using a home loan. Landlords will see that your timeliness in paying past credit bills will be a positive asset in renting one of their apartment spaces, so improving your score can paint the best image of your dependability and lower risk.

When Buying A Vehicle 

Many car buyers choose to take out a loan when financing a new set of wheels. If you have a history of bad credit, however, you may find it harder to take out a loan. On top of that, you may be required to present a larger down payment than if you had a good credit score. It’s important to boost your credit score before buying a car to also make sure that your insurance is potentially lower than it would be with bad credit.

To Keep Your Score From Dropping Any Further

Because bad credit scores can sometimes be harder to bring up than to bring down, it’s important to mend your credit history before it turns into a downhill slide. Thanks to credit repair services such as GoCleanCredit, you can boost your credit score up to a healthier number before it gets worse.

When Starting Your Own Business

To finance a small business, you first must prove you have a sufficient enough credit score and credit history that you can handle a new business’s finances. Lenders, after seeing your credit score, might see that you are qualified to make smart financial decisions and therefore can successfully run a business.

When Joining A Significant Other In Making A Major Purchase

Because the accounts may be tied when taking out a loan or financing something on the pricier side together, your poor credit score may negatively affect your partner’s ability to qualify for the purchase. To be able to finance joint purchases (and to keep the romance going), it’s a smart move to improve your credit score.

To Improve Your Credit Habits

Once you’ve decided to boost your credit score, it’s a good starting step to practicing healthy spending habits. With a higher credit score, you’re often more capable of making smart financial decisions with your card because you know how you arrived at a lower credit score. You also know the benefits of having a higher score, so you may work to maintain a better score and avoid any dips or fluctuations.

Our Proprietary 
System Will ELIMINATE Your Bad Debt PERIOD!



  • Unique, Labor-Intensive, Hand-Written Disputes that Beat OCR Scanners.
  • 3-Way Disputes with Creditors, Credit Bureaus, and FTC.
  • Fast-Track Credit Sweep Option for Identity Theft Victims.

"Let us help you decide which steps to take to improve your finances and get funded. Request a free consultation and our expert advisors will get back to you with a plan for financial security based on your situation, your goals, and your dreams."

Our Partners are Bonded and Insured


They carry a $1,500,000 Insurance Policy, which guarantees to you that they are who they say they are and that all of the data they share with you – theirs and yours – is encrypted and safe.  This is also validated by their Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer Certificate (EV SSL Certificate) and guarantees their company identity up to $1,500,000.

They carry a $50,000 Surety Bond to protect their clients. The Surety Bond guarantees to Clients that their Services will be provided as promised and according to our Terms of Use.


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FICO Credit Sweep Program


Business Strategy

Guaranteed To Remove ALL Negative Items

On Your Credit. 


Credit Score Effects: Credit Scores typically go UP by 50 to 250 Points, all else being equal.


Completion Time:
~ (Method #1)~ 1 to 3 Weeks typically via Fast-Track Credit Sweep for Identity Theft Victims.
~ (Method #2)~  3 to 6 Weeks typically for most Negative Items via Manual Credit Repair (MCR).


Negative Items that must always be removed via
Manual Credit Repair

Government-Guaranteed Loans, Public Records, Tax Liens, and Late Payments on Open Mortgages and/or Open Auto/Boat/RV Loans.

If you need to completely Delete Open Mortgages and/or Open Auto/Boat/RV Loans, then you cannot do Manual Credit Repair (MCR) and must do Fast-Track Credit Sweep instead in order to block the Negative(s) from your Credit Reports.



 Consumer credit reports can have errors and mistakes that drag down your credit score, making it harder to qualify for the attractive advertised terms and offers you see advertised. As a result, you could have trouble qualifying for the credit card you want even though these errors aren’t your fault.

A good credit monitoring service tells you what’s wrong in your credit report – it details the negative items that are keeping you from a better score. If you see one of these negative items is an error, you can go through the credit correction process to correct the error before you apply for new credit. This makes it easier to qualify and get a higher credit limit.



 Our partners proprietary method of cleaning your credit report is history in the making. With success story after success story, each client is handled with step by step processes that allow each individual to get their FICo...NO MATTER what the score is, back to where it needs to be and they do it lightning fast! Whether it be Manual or through their credit sweep program, you are assured to know that in less than 6 weeks, your life will be ready to change!



 $25K – $75K In Total Unsecured Personal Credit Card Approvals Realistic within 2-3 Weeks. 15% Success Fee on the Back-End. If your Personal Credit meets the Credit Requirement, then you can go on their Unsecured Personal Funding Program. This Program is designed to get you Approved for Unsecured Personal Credit Cards and is a FULL-SERVICE Program in the sense that they complete and manage all Credit Card Applications for you – All you need to do is provide any supporting Documentation Lenders may ask for, such as Utility Bill, Phone Bill, Bank Statement, etc. in a timely manner so your Applications can be Approved as quickly as possible.


After your credit has been fixed, you will need to begin building it up or adding to it to reach your ultimate goal. Below are two methods in a bit more detail as to what can be done. As always, reach out to us so that we can get you started with getting your personal FICO score fixed for whatever needs you may have.



Inquiry Removal Service. Guaranteed to Remove ALL Qualified Hard Credit Inquiries. ~ Qualified Inquiries: All Inquiries that are not from Creditors with whom you have an Open Account. ~ Credit Score Effects: Credit Scores typically go UP by 10 to 30 Points, all else being equal. ~Completion Time: *1 to 3 Weeks typically via Expedited Option for Identity Theft Victims (Fast-Track Credit Sweep). *3 to 6 Weeks typically via Manual Credit Repair (MCR). 


GUARANTEED TO BOOST CREDIT SCORES~GUARANTEED TO POST ON ALL 3 CREDIT BUREAUS * Full Guarantee applies to 60-days Posting Option. QUALIFY FOR: Mortgages, Business Loans, Auto Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Personal Credit Cards, Insurance Policies, Personal Loans, Employment, Business Credit Cards. ~Schedule an appointment or call us for a free consultation to know more about how this works, answer any questions and start you going with the 2019 New Years the RIGHT way!

"Your grueling search for a fast and legal way to fix your Personal FICO is over!"





Because of the sheer numbers of inquiries, we get on a daily basis, in order to facilitate the  best customer service to those who are ready to move forward,  we have requested that you gather ALL documentation BEFORE submitting to schedule a call below so that we can be ready to help you when we reach out to begin the process and answer any questions you may have.

 This allows us better customer service streaming so that no one is left behind.
And ensures that you also experience great 
customer service as we know you are eager to begin! 



Start As Low As
$499* Down



In-House Financing Is Available With No Money Down.

Financing Options As Follows*







Driver's License, is needed because this is how we identify you and compare with what is on the Credit Reporting Bureaus. We also will take a state issued ID in lue of the license. 


Lenders will need this for proof of address for Credit Sweep, Tradelines, and any funding you many need after your FICO is fixed. 


Lenders will need this for proof of address for Credit Sweep, Tradelines, and any funding you many need after your FICO is fixed. 


You will need to authorize us access to your Credit platform so that we can pull the reports at the beginning and during the process. **We will need your Log-In Credentials for this.

**We need the Log-In Credentials so that we can hereby be authorized to pull a 3-Bureau Credit Report with Scores 14 Days after each Round of Disputes, so we can see the Results of the work done, using the Credit Monitoring Account you provide to us. This may be Free or may have a $24.95 Cost, depending on when the Report is requested.

The ONLY Credit Monitoring we accept is because it integrates with our back-end systems.

*Price for programs are $1,999 Full Credit Sweep or $2,999 Full Credit Sweep + InquiryBusters @ 50% OFF.



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