A rush order ensures that certain campaigns a put into top rotation. These orders will receive a larger percentage of available advertising space to ensure a speedy delivery time. While normal campaigns take an average of 30 days to complete, rush orders take between 10 - 14 days to complete. 

Rush orders come at an additional cost. In order to make an order a rush order, you will need to purchase an equal amount of rush credits to the amount of GSU credits you will use to set up the campaign. A GSU order of 50 will require 50 rush credits as well to be activated as a rush order. You will need to select the "Make Rush Order" checkbox during the setup process.


The proposed program must meet two criteria to work with the GSU system:

1) It must be an offer for a work from home or MLM type of opportunity. We generate our GSU's by effectively targeting those who are interested in such an offer.

2) The actual sign-up must be a "free to join" offer or free to receive more information offer. If payment or sensitive data is required to sign up or receive more information, we cannot run the campaign.


The approved programs list is a constantly updated list. These are programs that we have successfully configured our tracking system to accurately track GSU's through. This list is for you to quickly identify programs that will run without a hitch.

If you are unsure if a program will work or not, please contact us directly at: It will only take a few minutes to find out. Most likely if the program meets our criteria you should be approved.


The beauty of the GSU system is that the leads are interested prospects directed to your client's sign-up page via numerous venues (traffic networks, expired domains, our PPC networks, Print ads, TV ads, and radio ads. As they are delivered to our system and rotated to your client's page they will either sign-up based on the merits of the offer or they will not. Because of this un-incentivized delivery system, there is no guarantee of delivery times. To do so would mean compromising the integrity of the system and lower the quality of the GSU's.

Furthermore, the size of the campaign can affect the delivery times (a 25 GSU vs a 250 GSU campaign for example).

However, it is rare for a campaign of less than 100 GSU's to run over a 30 day period.

If you have a campaign that is taking a long time to complete, please feel free to contact the support team. While we do our best to manage all campaigns some may just be lagging behind due to certain issues you may not be aware of.


We do not accept programs that ask for quote services or require a user to give financial data. Since our servers collect all information in order to provide proof of signup, we can not and will not hold sensitive personal information.

Some of the programs we do NOT accept into the GSU program are...

~ Insurance Quotes (Car, Life, Health etc.)
~ Loan Programs ( Cash Advance, Payday, Auto, Mortgage etc.)
~ Adult Related Offers
~ Adult Related Personals (FriendFinder etc)
~ Survey Sites


CPA offers are considered to be an at your own risk type order. We have had many offers to run CPAs from CPA companies directly and our experience is they did not pay out as our leads came in. Sometimes they did, sometimes they did not. Sometimes they paid on some but not others. The inconsistency we experienced with these networks was far from acceptable.

If you have a client that wants to run a CPA offer, it must be made clear (per our terms and conditions) that we do not guarantee... 

*that CPA company will pay for each lead derived from our system.
*a user will continue beyond the first page of an offer.
*the program will fill within a 30 day period. Since we promote to home business seekers and MLMers they people are not looking for your offer directly. Because of this CPA ads are only run in spaces where inventory has run out and are not heavily promoted like other programs. 
*that rush orders will fill within 7-10 days. However, rush orders will get a higher promotion rate than CPAs that are not rush. 

In addition CPA offer leads can NOT be disputed IF the CPA company does not pay on the lead. We will replace the lead however if the email is invalid. Any issues with non-payment should be addressed to the CPA manager of the company the offer is ran through. Our support staff will not investigate these matters.


Our network delivers millions of text-based links and targeted banners each and every day. Any visitor that clicks on one of these links/banners is taken to one of our ad lists, which are set up similar to a Google search page. When a visitor sees a link that they are interested in, they are taken to that advertiser site. When a program link is clicked, they are directed to the advertiser's site through a special script. This script monitors the visitor's progress through the member's site. If the visitor decides to sign up for a program, our script will capture the exact information submitted to the member through their website, and place a copy of this information on our server. This information is held as proof of delivery so that your client can verify this lead once they log into their stats area. 

Some examples of the thousands of sites we run on are as follows:


If your customer's site has not received any signups according to our side, please contact us as more than likely there is an error with the account.


From time to time certain programs may display the same or similar IP addresses in a customers back office.  This is a rare occurrence and is explained in the following way. 

"Your system is more than likely picking up the IP address of our ad server.  Since we capture the information as it is submitted on your website, sometimes certain tracking systems can grab the IP address of the server connected to it, rather than the IP address of the actual user.  It is possible to resolve this by making a few changes to your server-side tracking scripts.  Please let us know if you need assistance in doing this."

If your customer's site is doing this, it is advised to open a ticket at which time we can place a series of filters on the account to avoid future problems. 


We ask all customers to wait at least 24 hours to view all current signup information from their advertiser account.  Our servers receive thousands of leads per day for many hundreds of advertiser accounts and sorting may be slowed down during times of peak usage.  If you do not see the signup information after the 24 hour period, please contact us again for further evaluation.


Our system works similar to that of a search engine like Google. Sites that appear at the top of a listing get the most clicks on average while each site down the list will receive less than the one above it on average. At anytime we have over 200 programs running which can mean you may see little activity and then all of a sudden a large burst. It is NOT uncommon to have a large amount of signups in a short period of time.

For instance if we were to flood your site with 5000 in a matter of 30 minutes, and 1% of them signed up for your service, you could technically receive 50 signups within 30 minutes.

How fast signups come in makes no difference as far as their validity. We promote your site in bursts and sign ups will appear during those bursting periods. If any of those leads are invalid based on our replacement policies, you may request a replacement of that lead through the ticketing system. 


Our system manages accounts per their priority. Most accounts are set to finish out within 30 days. As long as there is no issues with your program, it will be completed within the 30 day time frame despite a slow start. If you wish to get them even faster, you can update your account to rush status for an additional fee. You will need to contact your sales rep about the costs involved, but this can guarantee delivery within 7-10 days.

Currently we only offer Guarantee signups to our US based market.  You may inquire about other countries via a support ticket but there may be additional costs involved.  There are many factors involved if the signup if for another country outside of the US and we do not guarantee acceptance of the program. 
Our customers can login to the email campaigns center on the website.   

Will Asking For A Phone Number Slow My Campaign?

Are you asking for a phone number?  If so signup rates can drop as much as 70% as most people simply want to be contacted via email. We have been doing this for over 15 years...we know the behavior.

This answer depends on the offer.  While some order can receive up to 100 even 200 signups per day each offer is different.  The shorter the form, the more likely the increase in signups. 

You will have to submit a support ticket with the details of the program in order for us to properly evaluate it. 


If you are not seeing leads in the back office of your program it can be for a few reasons.  
a.) If clients have to confirm an email
b.) If clients have to complete more than one form
c.) If your program requires financial information to complete registration.

Per our terms and conditions, we count valid signup as one who completes the first-page form and submits the information.  We can not guarantee anything beyond this as we do not have the ability to track it any further.  

If needed you can submit a snapshot of your back-office for review.  


In order to insure the fastest delivery of your signups you will be bound by the terms and conditions below. PLEASE READ BELOW - IMPORTANT!!

You are purchasing “Guaranteed Signups” from “Provider”.  A “Guaranteed Signup” is defined as a request for free information from the website submitted.  Free information can be described as:

1.       Filling out a form to receive information via email
2.       Submitting a pre-enroll application
3.       Submitting an email address for inclusion in a newsletter
4.       Completing an application for a free membership
5.       Completing a form in order to take a free tour of your offer

A “Guaranteed Signup” does not mean that you will receive any type of compensation or upgrade activity from a member.  Furthermore, if your program requires a user to submit multiple pages of information, or requires the user to proceed with a confirmation process via email in order to appear in your back office, by submitting such an offer you agree that the signup information provided by the “Provider” is final. 

Types Of Websites Accepted and how they are processed.

a.)    We accept websites that offer a free service or free information only.  Visitors can not be prompted to make payment of any type before completing the entire free process.  If you program does not allow a visitor to complete the entire process without prompting for payment, then your account will be removed from our system.  You will then have the option to change the URL to a program that fits within our guidelines or you may be charged a 10% administration fee.  Know what you are buying and do not submit “payment required” landing pages for your MLM programs.

b.)    If your website requires a visitor to fill out multiple pages before completing any type of free registration, please note that we will recognize only the first form submission (first page of the process) and will count this as one signup, regardless if the rest of the registration process is completed.  It is advised that if you have a program that has many different pages of information before completion that you create a custom signup form to use instead.

c.)     Form Location changes.  If you are promoting a program that is masked or inside frames, we reserve the right to change the promotional URL to reflect the exact location of the signup for used to obtain the signup. 

d.)    If your website requires a user to view a movie or intro longer than 30 seconds before providing them with an option to signup, your account may be removed.

Changing Your URL.

If you wish to change your program URL after it has received one or more signups, you will be required to purchase credits equal to the amount used for your current URL.  This means that if you have purchased 50 credits and used 10 of those credits for Site A, you cannot change the URL to Site B until you have purchased an additional 10 credits to bring Site B to 50 total credits.   This does not apply to those accounts that have been contacted by administration requesting a new URL. 

Dispute of Signups.

Getting an account credit for a bad lead is easy to do but to insure that your requests are handled as soon as possible you will need to follow a few guidelines.

NOTE: Only signups with bad email addresses or disconnected phone numbers will be replaced.  However, if your website requires the user to submit a phone number in order to obtain free information via email, the phone number (unless disconnected) will not be eligible for dispute. The purpose of this program is to send interested people to your website with the ability to receive free information from the service you are promoting. 

To request a signup credited back to your account, please list the entire signup information line as it appears in your admin.   You will have 7 days from the date listed on the signup to dispute it.  Signup disputes older than 7 days will not be honored.  You will need to submit a support ticket via your admin area in order for your request to be processed.  The date and time of your submission will be used to determine the 7 days guidelines.

Admin Info Example: 1234 01/02/2003 Joe Sample

Please note that signups will only be credited if we have determined that an address is invalid.  We will do so by sending an email to the signup contact.  If we do not receive a bounce back, we will not replace the signup.  If you are disputing a phone number we will verify and replace this only if the said phone number is not in operation, and a phone number is required by your program.  Many times, people may mistake your call as a telemarketer or other annoyance and state the person does not live there or so forth.  This phone number is submitted by the visitor and will be considered valid unless there is a disconnection message.

When a signup is credited it may or may not be removed from your list regardless if the credits have been replaced. 

We will not replace signups that have already been replaced. 

Inaccessible Programs.

In the event your website becomes unavailable or terminated and visitors cannot reach your website, you will have 7 days to address the issue by changing your URLPrograms that do not address the issue within 7 days may be removed from the system without any right to compensation. 


At this time we do not permit signups for offers that do not have a manual form.  


If you wish to make an existing order a rush order, you will first need to have enough rush credits equal to the credits remaining on the order.  If your order has 23 signups left to be delivered, you will also need 23 rush credits.  

Once you have enough credits, navigate to your order and click the "Make Rush Order".  

This will take the rush credits from your account and update the order.


If you purchase confirmed signups from our company, our system will send out daily reminders to the person that signed up for the service reminding them that they need to confirm their email for the service they just joined.  If the confirmation has already taken place, the person is prompted to forward us a copy of their confirmation email.  We will continue to send the reminder to the customer until the confirmation receipt is received or the ask to be removed from the contacts to at which time we will replace the lead.  

While we have had a great response rate and have felt that the rate shown was sustainable for us to offer this service, please note that rates can be very low.  If your programs confirmation letter does end up flagged as SPAM or Junk, we will have to remove you from our program.  

  1. You will first need to have the needed rush credits equal to the amount of credits you wan to upgrade. In other words, it's double the charge to rush an order.
  2. Then you will click on the Make Rush Order link next to the order. 


In addition to our regular GSU Signups TOS the following will apply to all Non-US orders.

1. We will not guarantee phone numbers of non-US signups.  We will guarantee deliverable email only. 

2.  IPs may be US based depending on the location of the server that collects the data.  When a person takes advantage of an offer, they are funneled through our server, which allows us to collect this data.  Since this method is required to accurately and legally collect data, the ip address shown for non-US orders may appear as US based, unless we carry a heavy server presence in those other countries.  Due to the small amount of signups sold outside of the US investing in local servers is not a cost effective option at this time.


We currently recommend that all GSU order be no more than 1000 signups in a single order.  It is also recommended that you contact us for prequalification.  Orders larger than this may be possible but we would request that you contact us first to insure the order can be filled. 


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