Our Overall Mission

​Finding Solutions To Curtail The Hidden Hunger In America

Renewed Awakening.org is more than just a mission to curtail the hidden hunger that looms over American's homes; as the medium income barely covers fuel & bills...MANY have to make a choice between eating or surviving the daily demands of living. most...choose to ignore their stomachs.

​We Found A Solution. It Starts With Us.

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This ISN'T Suppose To Be This Way. You know who you are. Each sharing a story from a person or someone else's. Deep down, somewhere along, life has made your landing a bit harder than most. Maybe it was, maybe it is, but now it doesn't ...have to be this way. There is hope. There is a way. There is ALWAYS a way. And there are people who believe. People who will help. And people who have been blessed with gifts that create programs for society as a whole. You will find all of those here.

10% of net profits sales that are generated through RetailXtreme Marketing will go towards supporting the organizations and communities that are fighting the hidden war on hunger in America. Our weapon of massive blessings come from a system that has been working for over 20 years. A hidden "Done-for-You" Program that allows each member to gain the funding that allows them to retire in peace. RXM sponsors many members into this program as we join forces with HBA to help 1 million people become financially free within the next 3 years. We welcome each of you to visit the site and share the free resources that are there available to you.

System Changing Lives