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Traffic that is ALREADY approved by its subscribers to be contacted via email with your message!


Guaranteed Traffic Already 
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Traffic That is ALREADY Approved by its Subscribers to be Contacted via Email with Your Message! Our Triple Opt-Ins let You Connect With Millions, Just Click and Connect. 


 Our Network Really Works! 

We GUARANTEE that the Opt-Ins are from genuine people interested in learning more about your product or service. We guarantee a click-through rate of 3%! 


Utilize The Traffic Source That Will Get You In Front Of Your Audience... GUARANTEED!


Millions of people use email everyday to receive information or to send information to business associates, family, and friends. Not only is email considered more cost effective than postal mail, but it is much faster than conventional methods.

When a user signs up for Newsletter, they agree to receive valuable information including advertisements based on their interests delivered directly to their inbox. Subscriptions to these newsletters cost nothing, and the member has the right to remove themselves instantly from a list via a simply unsubscribe link within the email.


 Areas We Can Target - Australia, Cananda, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, United States Or World Wide If You Choose. 


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Our exclusive network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. They have been in the game for over 15 years. Their current portfolio consists of over 8500 websites internet wide, including 3 established search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well-known domain registrar which currently hosts over 5000 ad-supported websites (expired domain traffic). 

Additionally, they recently acquired a leading provider of free online content which can currently be found on over 12,000 websites internet wide.  These internet properties generate over 20,000,000 unique visitors per day and generate between 45MM - 60MM ad impression each day. Guaranteed Sign-ups have a minimum monthly budget of $100,000 to attract opportunity seekers and bring them to you. They also currently manage over 38,000,000 email addresses spread over 87,000 seperate company / interest lists.

 The quality is unsurpassed and our clients see the difference.

Customer Service is based in the USA.




Our network manages opt-in lists for some of the internets largest websites.  Our agreements with our list management clients allow us to solicit their subscribers on a weekly basis.  In turn this not only provides their subscribers with beneficial information, but helps our clients to keep their list management costs down by as much as 30%. 


Targeted Email Guarantees


 All of our targeted email products are back by a 3% CTR guarantee.  Meaning that your client can expect to get a minimum of 3,000 click-thru with the purchase of a 100,000 targeted email package. 


Email Data Base


We currently manage over 38,000,000 email addresses spread over 87,000 seperate company / interest lists.  However, not all of our managed lists are available for solicitation.




 Is our exclusive list management service.  Each email address is triple opt-in meaning that the subscribers receiving the mail wants the mail.  When a user signs up for an email participation list or newsletter an email is sent to the subscriber, the subscriber is then asked to use their email address and temporary password received in the email, to log into our list management site.  This process ensures that the subscriber, not only receives the confirmation but also actively visits a website, and types in a password given.  This is the strongest form of Opt-In available today. 


Fraud Alert


Our network deals with hundreds and hundreds of orders daily. Once an order is found to be fraudulent or suspicious, they are placed in our fraud connection section. We don't mess around with our business, we won't mess around with yours. Every order is checked and verified before running the campaign.


You Want BIG ACTION...
You Got It!

Remember, if at any time you have questions feel free to contact us. Our salespeople will never try to pressure you or coax you into purchasing anything. The decision is entirely up to you. We simply want to ensure that you are well informed about our products and services. In doing so, we believe you will agree that we are the best.

When you are ready to order, you can simply pick up the phone or go directly online to our secure server. Ordering online is completely safe and one of the fastest way to get your order processed.


Quick Steps For Ordering

1.  Once you have selected your send date and your order has been placed, you will need to submit ad content for review.

2.  Once everything is approved, we are ready to begin your campaign.

3.  Our staff will then pull your list, depending on the targeting and geotargeting options you have selected.

4.  Your ad will then be qued for sending.

5.  When a user receives and opens your email, they will be presented with the content you entered.

6.  If the reader clicks on a link within your email, it will first come through our tracking server and then be redirected to your website.

7.  Every time a person clicks on your unique tracking link it is recorded and displayed within the reporting area.

8.  We also log the email address of the individual clicking on the link to ensure that similar future campaigns will not include the same email addresses.

9.  We will then fulfill your order by sending out the full amount of your purchase.


Imagine if you will. Finding the "Midas Touch". That awesomeness that finally gets you people clicking on your hard-earned, written emails and with your magic funnel in place, you are ready to destroy the competition. What does that look like exactly?

What can be sent via email is pretty short of everything, (with the exception of a few things listed on the FAQ) This ENORMOUS VALUE presents a wide variety of levels and payouts per customer/promoter.  


So What Does $30 for 25,000 Opt-In Leads Look Like?

Here Is An Example Using Our Min Package:

 All of our targeted email products are back by a 3% CTR guarantee. 
Meaning that your client can expect to get a minimum of 3,000 click-thrus with the purchase of a 100,000 targeted email package


Example Product = $12 plus a $15 month subscription 
Residual = 12 months

*Opted-In = 25,000 Subscribers
*Click-Through Rate
 = 3%

*Purchased Min Order = $30

*Total $ Spent On Opt-in Traffic
 = $30

*Total Click-Through (3%) = 750 Click on YOUR hyperlink within the email.

They go to a landing page and signup/buy = AVG 3% = 23 people signup/bought

*Total Potential Per Email Optin Earning Value is = $276 + Annual Monthly Subscriptions = $4140!!!!

 Did you read that?  $30 was spent to potentially make $4140 that year on our Opt-in Email Service!


Opt-In email is not SPAM. We have a strong anti-spam policy and has taken many steps to pass legislation to combat SPAM. Using our opt-in services will NOT get your website shut down or your affiliate programs canceled. Opt-in email is and will always be the most cost effective way to market to thousands of interested people.


"Your grueling search for Genuine Guaranteed 
Opted -In Emails Is


Our Customers LOVE Us!

 Vittoria U.

Head of Marketing

Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I was able to click on what I wanted and within 24 hours my order began.


Managing Sales Director 

I was looking for a way to get rid of my left over inventory fast and to my astonishment I'm pleased to say that I found your company. Way to go RetailXtreme. You guys are made me a believer!



Your staff and quality of service are outstanding! I would recommend your company to anyone interested in selling their real estate. Thier email service is Bar-None!


Managing Advisor

RetailXtreme has allowed us to bring in new customers we were not reaching before. The quality of their service is outstanding and the way they ensure the landing pages are built are short of amazing!  


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