The 11 Services We Offer

Our list of services below contain lead generating methods and financial systems that have been proven to work and work very well. Many have loans to pay back, products to sell and clients to service, businesses to grow and expand. But MANY don't know how to get from A-Z the right way.

Need an or have an Empire? Need traffic and quality leads to your newly attained ventures?

We found that solution for you. It's all right here under one umbrella.

Is your Social Media VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE Making YOU MONEY?

FACT: You own the MOST Valuable Piece of Real Estate on the Internet…YOUR FACEBOOK COVER PAGE! You own the most VALUABLE piece of Real Estate on the Internet. It is a Virtual Billboard just waiting for your Promotional Video to be shared with the world.

By making a cover video available, we want to help you create more engaging interaction and drive a more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent space: YOUR Page Cover.

Nothing says "Click Here" like this LARGE message that directs onlookers to click on the message button to get your awesome coupon, discount or service event. This is a near genius way to ensure that clients are reminded you are ONLINE live and ready to deliver the goods.

We now have your solution to the Easiest and Most Effective Way to Advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

We have a proprietary system that determines the perfect target audience for these ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time. That's right…we said, CONVERSATIONS! We have rights to the only platform where people receive ads for what they need when they need it.

The system identifies your ideal customers as they post their needs and wants on social media and then displays timely advertisements to them giving you the best chance at gaining their business. LIVE and EXCLUSIVE. A prospective customer of a real estate agent may say on Facebook - "I'm looking to sell my house!".

Our client, the real estate agent, will advertise directly to that prospective customer and anyone with similar interests and demographics using our system, it will target them and in one click of a button, they will be sent to you to do what you do best, give them needed excellent service.

Rev Up Sales & Generate More Leads Today By Using Special Ads To Drive Quality Desktop Or Mobile Visitors Directly To Your Website

Would you like to have 1,000's of visitors looking at your website, ready to buy your product, service or signup for your offer? If so, you're at the right place! We know that you need visitors for a successful online business. Without them, there's no one to visit your website and buy your product, signup for your offer or service. Our Special advertising network provides a low cost and effective online marketing solution that actually works.

We can help your business get more online quality traffic by advertising your business on websites such as CNN, rolling stones, entrepreneur, shopping networks like Amazon and thousands of other websites that are targeted to your market. The internet is a vast entity and kick starting your online business doesn't have to take a ridiculous amount of cash. We'll send real people to see your web site starting immediately! Whether it's a business website, online video, social media profile, MLM website, blog, online store, restaurant, or just a personal online page made for fun, we'll deliver people straight to your website targeted to the exact audience you wish to target.

We don't mess around with people's time and money. We know there is serious business out there to be had. So we make sure that right before you order your traffic, you take a quick 5 minute course on what to expect. Then once you are done, you're off to the ordering page even more equipped because we offer an in-house landing page "add-on" so that you can have the BEST chances of conversions for visitors when using our traffic system. Our to have US be your number one go to for your traffic needs now and into the future.

New Retail Business Customer Acquisition Reward Program

By delivering world-class products by offering an exclusive one-of-a-kind cable media service no one else can offer that everyone needs 1500 channels including HGTV live all sports channels children's channels channels from over 20 countries and languages pay-per-view also 8000 video-on-demand and series movies.

Simply give your TV service to all of your customers for a 24-hour trial test run when they purchase your products or services. They get access via web immediately. After their initial trial, they join (because it's such a fantastic value), because it is branded to YOUR company, they tell others about the awesomeness as they refer others to shop at your store. This provides an outstanding opportunity to build your own highly profitable business without any investment. Employees don't need any special training to use the Loyalty Program.

There's no bookkeeping or programming or cash register required. Customers walking into retail Shop will see a variety of supply displays promoting your TV service. And the best part is, your company makes income EVERY TIME ANYONE shares from your first customer intro. It NEVER stops. This is Marketing taking to a beast mode level and we have a way to not only get repeat business and referral business but also be the household name for your company brand.


Explode your downline with Guaranteed Signups! We guarantee that the sign-ups are from genuine people interested in learning more about your product or service. We guarantee the email address and phone number to be 100% fully deliverable.

Your in an MLM or involved in a work from home business. You're excited, and can't wait to get started, but one thing is hindering you from moving forward. You've run out of avenues to find new prospects. You've already hit up your friends and family to try your service or product and they are burnt out with the invites just like you are sending them. You don't know much about marketing and

have no avenues to turn to in order to get your new business up and going. Is there such a place that can help you grow your downline? The answer is simple, there is a way and you are on that page. GUARANTEED signups that will not only blow your mind but will have a lasting effect in the shape and direction of how your business is built. We push over 2.5 million ads out a day in order to have this guaranteed service for everyone that works from their home.


Introducing TV Magic. What we have lined up in the Fall of 2019, is truly an untapped video traffic gold mine that most people have no clue about. Getting paid a full-time salary to promote your own stuff and build a huge following in YOUR Niche!

Can you imagine that for a second? This is one huge chance you don't want to miss. Forget Youtube, Facebook, SEO, Google, social media or any of that stuff right now, this something completely different, massively untapped, with a viewing run of over 44.6 million people watching video clips on this magic platform...and that is in America alone. There's a lot of traffic leads and customers you can scoop up right now. With hardly any of the competition, you'll run into everywhere else. The system enables you to release YOUR own TV channel on the world's leading provider of TV on demand and get a front of an audience of million viewers in the USA alone!

For TV channel owners that means being recognized as an industry leader, easy income via tv ads, and traffic depending on the niche as you can get between 3500 to over 10,000 viewers in the first month alone with NO marketing. The best part is that when we set you up for the platinum package, you will get paid for this awesome traffic gold mine AND at the same time you'll be pocketing $25,000 12 months totally hands-free because we get you set up to show ads and GET PAID FR THEM!!


Get your message out there to millions of Opt-In Users! Traffic that is ALREADY approved by its subscribers to be contacted via email with your message!

Our network manages opt-in lists for some of the internets largest websites. Our agreements with our list management clients allow us to solicit their subscribers on a weekly basis. In turn, this not only provides their subscribers with beneficial information but helps our clients to keep their list management costs down by as much as 30%. We currently manage over 38,000,000 email addresses spread over 87,000 separate company/interest lists. However, not all of our managed lists are available for solicitation. Targeted Email Guarantees - All of our targeted email products are back by a 3% CTR guarantee. Meaning that your client can expect to get a minimum of 3,000 click-thrus with the purchase of a 100,000 targeted email package.

SPAMGuardian - is our exclusive list management service. Each email address is triple opt-in meaning that the subscribers receiving the mail want the mail. When a user signs up for an email participation list or newsletter an email is sent to the subscriber, the subscriber is then asked to use their email address and temporary password received in the email, to log into our list management site. This process ensures that the subscriber, not only receives the confirmation but also actively visits a website, and types in a password given. This is the strongest form of Opt-In available today.

Remove ALL Negative Entries On Your Credit Report In 3 To 6 Weeks!

Our credit repair experts can analyze your credit situation and recommend the best possible way to help you achieve your credit goals! We use a proprietary and systematic approach to get FAST Results for our Clients. We do all of the heavy liftings for you and your only task will be to watch your Credit Scores climb as negative items are removed.

If your Scores are under 700, then they can add Seasoned Tradelines to dramatically increase your Credit Scores and the overall Quality of your Personal Credit History in only 3 Weeks! It’s common to see Credit Scores jump up 50 to 150 Points in 3 Weeks – This is the Real Deal!! We use a unique, labor-intensive, hand-written disputes that beat OCR Scanners. We conduct 3-Way Disputes with Creditors, Credit Bureaus, and FTC. and Fast-Track Credit Sweep Option for Identity Theft Victims.

Our Partners are Bonded and Insured. They carry a $1,500,000 Insurance Policy, which guarantees to you that they are who they say they are and that all of the data they share with you – theirs and yours – is encrypted and safe. This is also validated by their Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer Certificate (EV SSL Certificate) and guarantees their company identity up to $1,500,000. They carry a $50,000 Surety Bond to protect their clients. The Surety Bond guarantees to Clients that their Services will be provided as promised and according to our Terms of Use.

Now, You Can Acquire An Existing, Older Organization Rather Than A Freshly Established One.

A shelf company, shelf LLC, shelf corporation or aged corporation is a corporation, LLC or similar legal entity filed on a prior date and put on the shelf to age. Typically, it will not have conducted business. It does not hold assets has not incurred liability and has yet to issue stock. These corporations are also referred to as seasoned shelf companies. When you purchase a Companies Incorporated aged shelf company, it will arrive in your possession with articles of incorporation file stamped by the government with its incorporation date as well as a variety of legal documentation. As such, you can get immediate corporate history, in a fast, easy and legal manner.”

Companies Incorporated has a list of “pre-filed” shelf companies that you can acquire today. All entities are in good standing through maintenance, reinstatement or the equivalent. Plus, we can change your company name for a small fee. Moreover, this organization can register your company to do business in any state through a process called “foreign qualification.A shelf company is an LLC or corporation that has been formed on a prior date.

Typically, it will not have conducted business. It does not hold assets has not incurred liability and has yet to issue stock. These corporations are also referred to as seasoned shelf companies. When you purchase a Companies Incorporated aged shelf company, it will arrive in your possession with articles of incorporation file-stamped by the government with its incorporation date as well as a list of other documents.

Get Credit For Your EIN That’s Not Linked To Your SSN

To run and build your successful business, you need to qualify for loans and credit lines at the best loan rates possible. Business credit is essential to make this happen, and it helps you access money even when you can’t qualify for a loan. Our Business Credit Builder helps you build your business credit (that’s not linked to your SSN) step by step using a proven, field-tested, business owner approved, and highly personalized process. By using our user-friendly & intuitive software and the only full-service business credit adviser team in the industry, you’ll be guided every step of the way, simplifying your experience of obtaining business credit.

Our system helps you get your business set up the right way to meet lender and credit issuer approval requirements, and get approved for initial business credit that reports and builds your profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial. You can also monitor your business credit reports and scores in real-time with our Dun & Bradstreet and Experian monitoring integration, powered by Nav. Once you are setup with the business reporting agencies, we help you access MULTIPLE revolving credit with limits of $5,000 – $50,000!

Types of Credit We Help You Access: Store business credit with Dell, Apple, Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, BP, Chevron, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Office Depot, Ikea, and with most other major retailers Fleet credit for fuel and auto vehicle repairs for your primary vehicle, and a fleet of commercial vehicles Cash credit including Visa and MasterCard accounts you can use in most locations worldwide Auto vehicle financing to purchase or lease your primary vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, in your business name.

Get The Business Loans & Credit Lines You Want and Need, When You Need Them and Even when Banks Might Say “NO.”

According to the United States Department of Revenue, the majority of business loans and credit lines that are available today don’t come from big conventional banks. Instead, most business loans now come from alternative lenders and investors. And these alternative lenders only typically offer 1-2 limited funding programs, ruining your chances of getting a good loan and minimizing the amount of money you can secure if you don’t meet the requirements of these specific and limited types of loans.

We work with all legitimate types of funding programs available today, offering funding through hundreds of investors and lenders through a multitude of different funding programs. These lenders all offer their own different and unique lending requirements, so it’s tough to navigate these alone and know all your options… which is where we help. This gives you the best opportunity to get the most amount of financing, at the best terms. Here are just a FEW of the most sought-after loan programs you can access through our program:

~Unsecured Credit Lines up to $150,000 Even for Startups
~Business Revenue Lending and Cash Advances with 72 Hour Funding
~Account Receivable Loans and Credit Lines with Rates of 1% and Less
~Purchase Order Financing and Inventory Credit Lines
~Securities and 401k Financing
~Equipment Financing and Leasing for Purchase and to Refinance Existing Equipment
~Private Investor and Alternative SBA Financing.