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 shelf company, shelf LLCshelf corporation or aged corporation is a corporation, LLC or similar legal entity filed on a prior date and put on the shelf to age. So, now, you can acquire an existing, older organization rather than a freshly established one. As such, you can get immediate corporate history, in a fast, easy and legal manner. 

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Incorporate your business to provide anonymity to the shareholders, directors, officers, and owners of the company or corporation. This anonymity is subject to the local laws of the state in which the business is incorporated, but it usually means that an incorporated business can allow an individual to run, manage, and own the business without their name appearing on public record.


Credibility is another benefit afforded to a company that is incorporated. Customers and other businesses usually feel more secure engaging in transactions with a corporate legal entity because it instills a feeling of confidence in the company. For investors in and lenders to a business, it gives them knowledge that their investment assets are afforded better legal protections.

Tax Savings

Incorporate your business for tax benefits. There are substantial advantages, and savings, available to an incorporated business. The money is contributed tax free and grows tax free until his retirement. This option was not available to him before he incorporated. And MANY more benefits that make this super attractive.

Raising Capital

Incorporate your business for investment opportunities. Whereas sole proprietorships and standard partnerships are limited as to how they can raise capital for their business, a corporation can raise capital through the selling of corporate stock, or interest, in the company. Investors are more readily attracted to a business opportunity where their exposure to liability is at a minimum.

Liability Protection

Incorporate your business for increased protection. In order to enjoy maximum liability protection from lawsuits, the company or corporation must be established, operated, and maintained properly, with all of the “operating formalities” properly implemented and adhered to. Protection is not automatic. Legal protection is only enjoyed by a company that has been formed precisely according to legal statute. 

Perpetual Duration

The incorporated business has perpetual duration unless stated otherwise in the articles of incorporation. This unlimited life allows the company to continue to exist and conduct business, even following the untimely death of an owner, or the decision by individual owners to sell their interest in the company. Wal-Mart and the Ford Motor Company, for example, have passed legacies on to family members which should continue for many generations.

We Have The World's Largest, Secured and Timely Collection of Aged Corporations


  • Get an Aged Shelf Company or LLC today

    We have the world’s largest inventory of pre-Incorporated business entities from .5 to 100+ years old, buy an Aged Shelf Company or LLCtoday. You can incorporate online and choose to form an LLC, Corporation or LP in any state. We also form Offshore and Canadian business entities. Incorporating has never been easier! You will receive a complete document package containing all of your original recorded articles, tax forms completed for you, sample bylaws and operating agreements as well as business templates to maintain your new business.

  • Secure Filling Process

    The most accurate document processing...period! If you are thinking about incorporating, you can browse the website, search our knowledge base or ask an incorporation expert your questions. For our visitors who already decided to incorporate, you can quote your filing and find out how much your state fees and package price will be. We offer a complete line of services that will help you maintain and grow your business, order corporate supplies, prepare IRS forms and tax services as well as additional business filings.

  • Order and Its Created Within 48 Hours

    Eliminate headaches and allow us to do it. Incorporate in California Learn about the benefits of California Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. View California State Fees and exact costs of incorporating a business in California. There are many advantages of incorporating, compare benefits of different forms of business and compare states, nationwide. Nevada Corporation Forming a Nevada Corporation is a popular choice for our business customers with additional privacy and office programs. We offer a huge inventory on Shelf Companies and LLCs in Nevada that are immediately available.


The Fastest And Easiest Way To Incorporate or Form an LLC With The World's Largest Inventory of Aged Shelf Corporations.


shelf company, shelf LLCshelf corporation or aged corporation is a corporation, LLC or similar legal entity filed on a prior date and put on the shelf to age. So, now, you can acquire an existing, older organization rather than a freshly established one. As such, you can get immediate corporate history, in a fast, easy and legal manner. Companies Incorporated has a list of “pre-filed” shelf companies that you can acquire today. All entities are in good standing through maintenance, reinstatement or the equivalent. Plus, your company name can be changed for a small fee. Moreover,  your company can be registered to do business in any state through a process called “foreign qualification.”


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Aged Shelf Corporations


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All entities are of our aged companies for sale are or will be in legal good standing through maintenance, reinstatement, revival or the equivalent before delivery. We can change your company name for a small fee.  In addition, we encourage full disclosure in informing lenders and others that you recently acquired the older entity. Annual renewal fees are due according to government regulations and are the full responsibility of the buyer.

The companies are in their shell form prior to the issuance of any stock. Thus, this is not an offer to sell stock or securities. We do not offer a guarantee as to any particular benefit that will be realized by purchasing such a company. 


When you purchase a Companies Incorporated aged shelf company, it will arrive in your possession with articles of incorporation file-stamped by the government with its incorporation date as well as:

Articles of Incorporation

“Action of Sole Incorporator” document which transfers the company
to you

Minutes of meetings (blank sample forms)

A corporate kit (record book)

Stock certificates (blank, un-issued shares)

A corporate seal

Corporate Bylaws (unsigned forms)

A corporation checklist letting you know items to keep your company
in good standing

Registered agent service

A CD with important forms

Federal Tax ID Number

Other important documents



Note: Beware of organizations in this day and age that say you can get a company that already has credit lines attached to it. If you want to acquire an aged company, give us a call. WHEN YOUR DONE...come back to us and we will get you set up for your next step which is to get Business Credit using a system that is the ONLY system in the world that TRULY gets your Corporate Credit, FAST.....Legal....and correct WITH YOUR OWN ASSIGNED concierge
for the system to guide you daily.


"Your grueling search for a fast and legal way to attain an Aged Shelf Corporation is over!"





How to Use a Shelf Corporation to Build Business Credit

  • Buy a Corporation at least 2 years old (recommended), if not, then at an age that is right for your purposes.
  • DO NOT change the entity name. Banks view name changes exactly as “starting over”.
  • Keep all of your original articles, agreements, by laws, resolutions and release forms in one place with all of your other important corporate records.
  • Make yourself a Director and Appoint yourself as an Officer of the company.
  • Apply for any business licenses or operating permits your business requires under the name of your aged corporation.
  • Come back to RetailXtremeMarketing to be taken to the next step which is attaining your busines credit. We have the BEST system ON THE PLANET!



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