Strategies Room

Our “Secret Sauce” for all successful Elite Crypto Crowdfunding Agents
begins with understanding that you grow and become wealthy by helping
people solve problems and giving back FIRST.  

Here are some strategies that are tested and proven to work for those
that apply Its formulas for success.

Reap & Sow Strategy

How to make the best use of each Agent you bring onboard. A FOUR Step Strategy will find you filling up all the slots faster than your gifts can sustain. 

$80K In 4 Days

How to make $80K in 4 days? Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t as long as the agents are doing what they are suppose to be doing, we can cycle out many times a day and reach these goals using a hidden walkthrough method that uses THREE people and that’s it! 

Follow Me Strategy

Teams can strategize and create massive income for their crowdfunding needs if they strategize correctly and go as a follow me system. Everyone knowing what to do. All at the same time, they upgrade and upgrade… making this a serious method for large groups.

Now & Later Strategy

How to make fast money and long term money.
Showing how to upgrade in Global Powerline and Powerbank FIRST and use profits to build long term in Prime.