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March 3, 2019
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He folks, it has been a while since I have last posted and I know so many things have been going on in the background and in everyone's lives.

A lot of revamping has been going on with RetailXtreme Marketing with respect to updates and ensuring we have the latest and greatest out there. I want to introduce you one of the systems that spearheaded the company.


Having such a great service can’t go unrecognized…so, I created a fun and engaging webinar that shows a guaranteed way to earn an income at home, without friends and family, without inventory, and without having to do all the closing. This was a really fun journey as it took me about 4 weeks to compile all the scripting and slides and put everything together so that it worked in harmony. It was a labor of love and after many many many hours, it was finally ready to be released to the world.

And the world received it with open arms! So many people's lives were changed and I had so much amazing feedback. The funding was used to help build the infrastructure of the company, solidify marketing for future endeavors, fund our mission fund and expand the company to include our newest acquirement, a real estate investment company. For now, it's in the works but should be up and coming around mid-summer.


With that being said we do house 11 amazing services and I encourage each one of you to check them all out. Our 4th service is none other than our famous Retail Customer Acquisition Program (and also the TV Enrollment Center all wrapped in one). I encourage all of you to watch the webinar, gain access to all of the awesome bonuses, as long as they're being gifted on the webinar and begin to see how amazing RetailXtreme Marketing can be when we show you the fun systems and software is out there that make your life that much easier.


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